Composer Buffet Reception

We are very proud that the UK Composer Buffet Reception was held at the prestigious Hatfield House on

Saturday 28th April 2018.

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As many of you will know, the outside scenes of the two Tomb Raider movies were shot at Hatfield House or ‘Croft Manor‘ which is Lara’s home in each of the two films. We decided that this was the perfect location for our London Composer Buffet Reception.

Our Reception was held at The Old Palace which is a Grade I listed building built in 1485 by the Bishop of Ely and was used as a nursery for King Henry VIII‘s three children in 1538 – a historic venue being most famous for where Queen Elizabeth I held her first council of state. Its medieval brickwork, beautiful wall hangings and stunning gardens made it the perfect setting for our event.

Guests received an invitation from Lara Croft inviting them to the Composer Buffet Reception.
The Dress Code was: Smart Dress, DJs Optional.

Entrance to the Palace was via the Main Gate of Hatfield House, where upon a red-carpet arrival guests received their welcome glass of champagne, served by none other than Winston himself, who also provided a prize draw entry ticket to win one of the exclusive Gold Ultimate Edition Albums of The Tomb Raider Suite.

Unique string arrangements of a selection of tracks from The Tomb Raider Suite were performed live exclusively at this event by the all female octet, String Infusion (

A reception in true Croft style, guests were able to mingle with the other Tomb Raider fans and celebrities as proceedings developed, and to talk to the famous names that created and shaped Lara Croft and The Tomb Raider Suite. Photo and autograph opportunities were available.

Nathan McCree

Nathan McCree
Photo: Tomb Raider Collection

Alison Carroll

Alison Carroll
Live Lara Croft Model 2008 to 2010

Shelley Blond

Shelley Blond
The first voice of Lara Croft

Meagan Marie
Senior Community Manager
Crystal Dynamics

Guests were able to enjoy a delicious buffet and free drinks all evening while they listened to the UK Premiere Public Performance of The Tomb Raider Suite album. Also showing were big-screen projections of Tomb Raider 1, 2 & 3 while the music played.

We also showcased exclusive behind the scenes footage of The Making of The Tomb Raider Suite documentary including scenes from the Abbey Road Recording Sessions.

All guests received a unique gift as a memento of this very special evening.



The Hatfield House VIP Ticket included:

— Pre-evening drinks with the Production Team —
— Unique photographs with the Production Team —
— Signed copy of the Retail Album (TIN CD or Vinyl) —
— Signed Website Poster (A1) —
— After-party with Nathan and the Production Team —

If guests had already purchased a standard Composer Buffet Reception ticket, they could upgrade their ticket to VIP status by selecting an Upgrade ticket in the shop.  

This was the Official UK Tomb Raider Suite Album Launch Party.

You must register as a Tomb Raider Suite Club Member to gain access to exclusive parties.