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What is the Tomb Raider Suite?

is a collection of the most popular pieces from the first 3 Tomb Raider computer games, extended and embellished, and scored for a live concert orchestra. Conducted by Robert Ziegler, the suite was performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Metro Voices Choir and was recorded, mixed and mastered at Abbey Road Studios, London in October 2017.

is now available on CD, Vinyl, Digital Download and all major Digital Streaming Platforms

Nathan McCree is a music composer, audio director, sound designer and voice artist. He is a member of the Ivors Academy of Music Creators (Ivors Academy) and works in the film, TV and computer games industries. Nathan began his career in 1993 and has over sixty published titles to his credit – the most notable being Silent Hill: Downpour, The Spice Girls: Christmas in Spiceworld and Tomb Raider starring Lara Croft.